AccessDirect Secure Remote Access SSL VPN

Array AccessDirect SSL VPN enables anytime, anywhere secure remote access for employees, customers and strategic partners to business-critical resources – increasing corporate productivity while guarding data and reducing cost and complexity.

Using AccessDirect secure remote access SSL VPN, mobile and offsite users need only a common Web browser to quickly and securely access emails, files, Intranets and applications. Moreover, AccessDirect SSL VPN requires no pre-installed clients or changes to the network and fully eliminates IP conflict, firewall, NAT traversal and compatibility issues associated with traditional VPNs. Available for Array’s SPX Series Universal Access Controllers, AccessDirect strikes the perfect balance of productivity and security.


Secure Remote Access SSL VPN Highlights

  • Anytime, anywhere secure remote access for home workers, day extenders, mobile employees and Extranet partners to productivity-enhancing resources
  • Controlled access for both managed and un-managed devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones
  • Range of access methods including Web, Layer-3 and specific client-server and thin-client applications
  • Cross-platform support for a range of operating systems, browsers and client-side security scans
  • Dynamic end-point security including host-checking, adaptive policies, cache-cleaning, and secure virtual desktop
  • Granular identity-based access control for URLs, files, networks and applications
  • No pre-installed clients or network traversal issues; requires only a common Web browser for users to gain access
  • Superior end-user experience through integrated application acceleration and 256 virtual portals tunable to the preferences of multiple communities of interest
  • Unmatched performance and scalability for secure remote access SSL VPN
  • Dramatically superior application performance and download times for any size business; unmatched TCO and cost-per user for large organizations, global enterprises and service providers