D-Synergy Tech Systems Pte Ltd New Address & Contacts Info

To All Customers & Partners

Please note our new office address and contact info:

Singapore Corporate Office
D-Synergy Tech Systems Pte Ltd
246 MacPherson Road, #06-03
Singapore 348578
p: +65 3152-0480

Sales Enquiries : sales@d-synergy.com

General technical support : support@d-synergy.com

Feedback : feedback@d-synergy.com

Some Things Will Remain Unchanged

At the forefront of South East Asia’s blooming internet security and networking market, D-Synergy has remained one of the fastest-growing value-added distributors of cutting edge internet security and networking technology, satisfying customers with its attractive products as well as a sound business continuation policy.

The road to modern success however, was not easy. Managing Director Doreen Sim began her entrepreneur journey way back before her company’s establishment, where she worked multiple part-time jobs to gather enough money to pay for her university education and other expenses. Then in 1998, fresh out of university and armed with a degree in political science, Doreen plunged headfirst into the emergent ICT industry, despite having no prior engineering training or IT experience. She had to both cope with quickly learning the ropes of this challenging industry while trying to formulate and then execute a realistic business survival program.

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除夕不巧落在星期天 多数公司明天节前不“早放”

Zaobao (2012-01-19)




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Security for SMEs

The Internet has changed the world in which SMEs operate and grow their businesses. Infocomm Technology (ICT) and the Internet have become powerful platforms and an eco-system where SMEs can find solutions and opportunities to expend their business. However, the digital transformation brings along security threats and vulnerabilities that SMEs must be aware of.

Today, SMEs must understand that security threats are endless and they compromise business information and employees’ productivity. So are SMEs protecting themselves adequately? Do they know where to begin with in their ICT adoption exercise?

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餐饮业者聘请清洁工 费用涨到每人3000元


经营“日本村”和Sakura日本自助餐馆的Suki集团董事王世威透露,过去三四个月,提供清洁工人的二手承包商的外劳配额减少了,但不断扩充的餐 饮业对清洁工的需求不减,以致业者在聘请清洁工时,所需缴付的费用从每月的1800到2000元左右,上扬到2800至3000元之间。

在人手成本持续上涨的压力下,Suki集团三个月前着手开发中央洗碗中心;尽管这是一项上百万元的投资,但王世威相信,这将减少集团对人手的依赖,长远来说有助于控制集团的员工成本。 [Read more…]

Colubris WLAN Equipment to Power Municipal Wi-Fi in Kuala Lumpur

Colubris Wireless Network Supports Ambitious Wireless@KL Plan to Transform Kuala Lumpur into a Wireless City

Waltham, Mass. – August 18, 2008 – Colubris Networks, Inc., the leading global provider of intelligent wireless LANs for enterprises and service providers, today announced that Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s federal capital, has begun a phased deployment of Colubris WLAN equipment to enable wireless computing across the city’s commercial, residential and public areas. Wireless@KL joins similar municipal projects in Paris, Singapore and Luzern that have recently deployed public Wi-Fi networks based on Colubris gear. D-Synergy is the appointed wireless partner to roll out Colubris wireless LAN equipment for this project.

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Barracuda Networks Broadens Reach in Singapore and Malaysia Through New Distribution Agreement with D-Synergy

Campbell, Calif., Dec. 19, 2007 —Barracuda Networks, Inc., the worldwide leader in email and Web security appliances, today announced an agreement with D-Synergy, one of the region’s leading distributors in Internet security. Under the terms of agreement, D-Synergy will distribute Barracuda Networks’ complete line of email and Web security appliances with an initial focus on anti-spam with the Barracuda Spam Firewall.

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Delivering Government Network Flexibility, Reliability and Speed

AscenVision works with government to establish network infrastructure for achieving constant network availability and improved quality of service.

IN THIS INFORMATION AGE, NETWORKING enables people from all over the world to seamlessly communicate with each other from anywhere at anytime. Networking is used everywhere to improve productivity and business performance. [Read more…]

Colubris Networks’ Wi-Fi Equipment To Power Free Wireless Access Across Two-Thirds Of Singapore

Colubris Partners with iCELL Network to Deliver High-Performing Wireless Hotspot Service at Hundreds of Public Locations

Waltham, Mass., August 13 2007 — Colubris Networks, Inc., the leading global provider of intelligent wireless LANs (WLANs) for enterprises and service providers, today announced that iCELL Network has adopted solutions from Colubris to enable wireless Internet access throughout the entire downtown and eastern regions of Singapore. With the iCELL partnership, Colubris is providing Wi-Fi equipment to two of the three network operators participating in the Singapore Government’s Wireless@SG initiative, a program offering three years of free Wi-Fi service to residents and visitors in an effort to boost the country’s wireless Internet usage and become a more globally connected nation.

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Singapore Wi-Fi Deployment Offers Best Practices for Municipalities Worldwide

Careful Planning and Flexible, Modular Infrastructure Simplify Countrywide Wireless Rollout.

WIMAX World, Beijing, April 17, 2007 — Firetide, Inc., a developer of multi-service wireless mesh networks and iCELL, Singapore’s leading IT solution provider, on 19 April 2007 will present a conference panel at WIMAX World covering progress made and lessons learned during the first phase of Wireless@SG, the Wi-Fi deployment blanketing Singapore. Firetide, iCELL and partnering Singapore distributor D-Synergy, are currently deploying the network which consists of more than 1,000 indoor and outdoor mesh nodes and access points. [Read more…]