D-Synergy Tech Systems Pte Ltd New Address & Contacts Info

To All Customers & Partners

Please note our new office address and contact info:

Singapore Corporate Office
D-Synergy Tech Systems Pte Ltd
246 MacPherson Road, #06-03
Singapore 348578
p: +65 3152-0480

Sales Enquiries : sales@d-synergy.com

General technical support : support@d-synergy.com

Feedback : feedback@d-synergy.com

Some Things Will Remain Unchanged

At the forefront of South East Asia’s blooming internet security and networking market, D-Synergy has remained one of the fastest-growing value-added distributors of cutting edge internet security and networking technology, satisfying customers with its attractive products as well as a sound business continuation policy.

The road to modern success however, was not easy. Managing Director Doreen Sim began her entrepreneur journey way back before her company’s establishment, where she worked multiple part-time jobs to gather enough money to pay for her university education and other expenses. Then in 1998, fresh out of university and armed with a degree in political science, Doreen plunged headfirst into the emergent ICT industry, despite having no prior engineering training or IT experience. She had to both cope with quickly learning the ropes of this challenging industry while trying to formulate and then execute a realistic business survival program.

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除夕不巧落在星期天 多数公司明天节前不“早放”

Zaobao (2012-01-19)




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Security for SMEs

The Internet has changed the world in which SMEs operate and grow their businesses. Infocomm Technology (ICT) and the Internet have become powerful platforms and an eco-system where SMEs can find solutions and opportunities to expend their business. However, the digital transformation brings along security threats and vulnerabilities that SMEs must be aware of.

Today, SMEs must understand that security threats are endless and they compromise business information and employees’ productivity. So are SMEs protecting themselves adequately? Do they know where to begin with in their ICT adoption exercise?

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