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Please note our new office address and contact info as of May 2018 :

Singapore Corporate Office
D-Synergy Tech Systems Pte Ltd
67 Ubi Crescent, #05-09 , Techniques Centre
Singapore 408560
p: +65 69500600

Sales Enquiries : sales@d-synergy.com

General technical support : support@d-synergy.com

Feedback : feedback@d-synergy.com

Stay Online While At Sea!


Cruising onboard Star Cruises does not mean that you’ll get disconnected with your family and friends. When you sail with Star Cruises, you can update them real time using our affordable onboard WiFi internet access. Another good news is that, when you purchase the onboard WiFi via Shop&Cruise, you’ll be enjoying 10% discount across all our onboard WiFi products.

Libra 1

This onboard WiFi internet access is available on all Star Cruises Ships, and is accessible in common areas. Below are the list of our discounted prices per ship, as well as the areas where you can access our onboard WiFi:

Libra 2pic

SuperStar Virgo:

1-Day Onboard WiFi Access SGD 13.50
3-Day Onboard WiFi Access SGD 38.25

Accessible areas onboard:

  • Bella Vista
  • Pavilion Room
  • Noble House
  • Grand Piazza
  • Karaoke Rooms
  • Star Club 1, 2 and 3
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Samurai
  • Bellini
  • Genting Rooms
  • VVIP Room
  • Mediterranean Buffet & Terrace
  • Parthenon Pool
  • Library
  • Sauna & Spa
  • Galaxy
  • Taverna
  • Video Arcade
  • Oscar Salon
  • The Taj
  • Celebrity
  • Palazzo
  • Gelato Café

Four Seasons

SuperStar Libra:

12-Hour Onboard WiFi Access RM 18.00
1-Day Onboard WiFi Access RM 34.20

Accessible areas onboard:

  • Crystal Court
  • Four Seasons
  • Ocean Palace
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Tai Pan
  • Skyline KTV
  • Pool Area
  • Coconut Willy’s
  • Casino Areas
  • Stardust Lounge

Skyline KTV

SuperStar Aquarius:

1-Day Onboard WiFi Access NT 252.00

Accessible areas onboard:

  • Reception Area
  • Mariners Restaurant
  • Lagoon Bar
  • Tea Corner
  • Blue Lagoon
  • China Duty Free
  • Dynasty Restaurant
  • Stardust Lounge
  • Maxims Lounge
  • Star Club
  • Taipan Rest
  • Milan Station
  • Spices Restaurant
  • Oceana BBQ
  • Genting Club
  • Champ Bar
  • Skyline KTV

Blue Lagoon

SuperStar Gemini:

1-Day Onboard WiFi Access HKD 43.20

Accessible areas onboard:

  • Reception Area
  • Mariners Restaurant
  • Bella Vista
  • Rendezvous Bar
  • Stardust Lounge
  • Star Club
  • Maxim Lounge
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Topsider Bar
  • Taipan Rest
  • Dynasty Restaurant
  • Oceana BBQ
  • Genting Club
  • Champ Bar
  • Observatory Lounge
  • Oscar’s Salon

Tai Pan

Star Pisces:

4-Hour Onboard WiFi Access HKD 22.50
12-Hour Onboard WiFi Access HKD 54.00

Accessible areas onboard:

  • Star Karaoke
  • Maxims Lounge
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Mariners Buffet
  • Sushi Bar
  • Genting Palace
  • Taipan
  • Piano Bar
  • VIP Lounge
  • Genting Lounge
  • Casino Areas
  • Retail Shops
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Oscar’s Salon


So don’t be the last one to boast on your beautiful Star Cruises experience in social media! Make sure you purchase our onboard WiFi internet access for your upcoming cruise.


For any inquiries about our onboard WiFi, please email us at onlinestore@starcruises.com.

Instacart Selects Zebra Technologies Zatar IoT Platform for Cloud Printing


LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill., June 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Zebra Technologies Corporation, a global leader in solutions and services that provide real-time visibility into organizations’ assets, people and transactions, today announced that Instacart, a same-day grocery delivery service, is utilizing Zebra’s Zatar Internet of Things (IoT) platform for cloud printing and device management of Zebra printers. This new solution allows Instacart to print labels at locations across the U.S. securely and accurately. Zatar is Zebra’s platform as a service (PaaS) IoT solution, enabling businesses and developers to build custom applications to manage, control and interact with their assets.


IoT analysts say printing is among the most promising yet often overlooked areas of IoT that can deliver great benefits and pose risk if not properly integrated and secured. As enterprises connect billions of devices and sensors to detect, locate and sense conditions throughout their operations, the Zatar platform will make it easy for applications to take advantage of data from these devices through standard application programming interfaces (API) and ultimately increase their enterprise asset intelligence.



  • Instacart is a same-day grocery delivery service that connects customers with personal shoppers who pick up and deliver their groceries. Their personal shoppers deliver groceries from local partner stores in as li as one hour.
  • Instacart chose to use the Zatar IoT platform for its ability to connect to and control devices in third-party locations via a simple API.
  • The solution connects Instacart’s printers to the cloud and enables the organization to easily interact, monitor and manage Zebra printers globally.
  • The Zatar platform is an application enablement platform that supports both Zebra devices and third-party devices to enable IoT solutions.
  • Zebra’s partner, American Barcode and RFID Inc. will also be offering advanced services and support as well as a managed services offering for the entire solution, leveraging Zatar.



Seth Bertenthal, city launcher, Instacart
“Zatar has allowed us to remotely manage a network of Zebra printers and generate our labels. Through an API integration with Zatar, we now have the ability to print labels in multiple locations across the country. This was accomplished in an easy roll-out with Zebra’s excellent support along the way.”

Mike Krell, IoT practice lead, Moor Insights & Strategy
“In today’s connected and mobile business environment, printed documents are almost always proprietary and/or time sensitive. Zebra’s Zatar delivers a combination of cloud-enabled, secured printing and mobile connectivity, which makes the product a natural fit for many customers, including Instacart.”

Philip Gerskovich, senior vice president, New Growth Platforms, Zebra Technologies
“There are millions of Zebra Technologies’ devices in use in retail today, enabling omni-channel experiences, with Zatar, these devices can be connected and allow Instacart and others to easily take advantage of the visibility and real-time information they enable. We are excited about the Instacart solution and look forward to further helping them expand their reach and services globally.”



Website: Zatar
Website: Zebra
Twitter: Zebra


About Zebra Technologies
Zebra makes businesses as smart and connected as the world we live in. Zebra tracking and visibility solutions transform the physical to digital, creating the data streams enterprises need to simplify operations, know more about their businesses, and empower their mobile workforces. For more information, visit www.zebra.com.


Media Contact:
Therese Van Ryne
Zebra Technologies

Industry Analyst Relations Contact:
Carolyn Buerger
Zebra Technologies


Zebra Technologies, Zebra and the Zebra logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Zebra Technologies Corporation and are used under license. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. ©2015 Zebra Technologies Corporation. All rights reserved.

Zatar IoT Platform

4cs technology
Zatar offers a three-pronged approach to the IoT platform, focusing on three main components: front end applications and open APIs. The three components are core to the entire Zatar platform solution and center on the 4Cs: create, control, connect and collaborate. By addressing the 4Cs across the entire platform, Zatar provides businesses real-time insight into critical business processes.


Zatar allows you to easily CONNECT and COLLABORATE with other enterprise applications and quickly CREATE meaningful solutions that can be CONTROLLED with a wide variety of tools to help optimize efficiency and improve customer experiences.


Use our open API to develop apps that provide real-time insight into business operations. Create rich user experiences that provide insight and solve complex customer challenges.



Keep an eye on your assets and monitor their performance, even when you’re not there. Access your IoT devices and their data from anywhere virtually any time. From sensor status to device activity and analytics data, the Zatar family of IoT applications gives you the power to see your devices and control their data.



Design smarter IoT devices that can provide useful data. Use the Zatar device API to harness the power of standards (CoAP, LWM2M) so your devices can continue to communicate even when there is decreased energy or limited bandwith.



See how the key components of Zatar collaborate together to provide complete IoT solutions. Zatar offers an IoT platform on which devices can share their data and you can turn that data into something meaningful.


The time to implement an IoT strategy is now.

Upgrade to a Secured Managed Wireless Network for your Office

D-Synergy’s Managed Secured Wi-Fi Network Services is a hosted subscription based service that provides Enterprise Grade Secured Wireless Service.

From ADSL to NGN Fibre internet connection to your premises, to a Managed Firewall/Router and the latest in cutting edge technology in Wi-Fi deployment; D-Synergy’s Managed Secured Wi-Fi Network Services gives you the same features and functions with the additional benefit of being:

  • Total worry free with our hosted 24/7 monitoring and management services
  • Enterprise Security features with 802.1x and Rogue-threat protection
  • Enhanced Productivity with detail enhanced access tracking &  controlling
  • Fast Deployment with minimum disruption to your operation
  • Secured Access for Guest , Internal , Advanced Users
  • Future Proof (to cater for any wireless enabled devices including SmartPhone, Netbooks, WiFi phones, Tablets etc)

Based on the Aerohive Networks “Control-less” Wireless solution and HiveManager  Management system, features such as Policy Enforcement Firewalls, Guest DMZ, Policy specific SSID, Rogue AP detection, Adaptive Radio Management, Monitoring and Reporting comes standard with your subscription.

Going Wireless or Upgrading your Wireless system? Contact us now for a no-obligation discussion and site survey and let us show you the savings.

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Sales Enquiries : sales@d-synergy.com

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DBKL to make it a requirement for restaurants to provide Wi-Fi services

THE move by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to make it a requirement to provide Wi-Fi services under its food and beverage business licence is lauded by many.

It is expected to be enforced in April.

Piccolo Mondo Gastro Sdn Bhd director Suzianna Wong-Svrcula said the move was a good one as it positioned the city as an Internet savvy capital.

“At the end of the day I believe providing Wi-Fi for customers is good business sense. Many people own smart phones, iPads and tablets these days so the service is something useful to them,” she said, adding that all four of the establishments under the brand provided Wi-Fi as well as electrical plug points for free.

She said their facility was for the convenience of their customers.

“The only minor setback of providing such service is we get customers who order only one drink and use the service all day.

Convenient: Many like the idea of chilling at restaurants and enjoying the Wi-Fi services.

“However, that is not so common and we tend to look at the bright side most of the time,” Wong-Svrcula said.

She added that providing the service was part of the business and cost was not an issue.

One of the earliest providers of free Wi-Fi for customers, Starbucks Malaysia believes such a facility has made their outlets a favourite place for customers to relax and enjoy the Wi-Fi out of their home and office.

“The service is complimentary in all our outlets in Malaysia. It encourages frequent visits to our outlets,” a spokesman said, adding that easy access to Wi-Fi suited the current fast-paced lifestyle.

He added that DBKL’s move was a good one in order for the country to be more competitive in the globalised world where many people used the Internet to stay connected with others and work outside of their homes and offices.

Nerogroup Restaurants marketing communications executive Rachel Lai said the requirement allowed standardisation of service among restaurant businesses in the city.

“This also means there will be stronger competition in the business. We believe easy access to the Internet allows our restaurant to be chosen spots for people who want to check in or update their status on Facebook or Twitter,” she said.

She agreed that the downside of providing the free Wi-Fi was the potential of attracting freeloaders.

While most consumers welcome the new licensing requirements, there are some who believe it will promote social problems.

“These days, we see families or a group of friends gathering at restaurants and not talking to each other. Instead, they are busy catching up with others on their phones and tablets. Providing Wi-Fi only encourages this,” Kim Tan, 28, an engineer said.

She pointed out that people who needed to stay connected at all times would already have their own Internet connection, such as mobile broadbands and 3G services.

DBKL will be enforcing the new licensing requirement as early as April this year with no extra charges imposed on the licence, though operators will still be subjected to any fees imposed by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission or Internet service providers.

Only food and beverage businesses including restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars and club lounges occupying more than 120sq m in floor space will be subjected to the requirement.

Outlet operators are given the choice of providing the service for free or at a reasonable fee.

By CHOONG MEK ZHIN  mekzhin@thestar.com.my  Monday January 9, 2012