AppVelocity™ Load Balancing & Application Acceleration

Array AppVelocity server load balancers provide a strategic point of control for optimizing the availability, security and performance of enterprise applications, IP data services and data center equipment.
Powered by Array SpeedCore™, AppVelocity server load balancing appliances leverage parallel multi-core processing to cost-effectively drive industry-leading performance across a rich load balancing and application acceleration feature set for unmatched total value of ownership. Available on Array’s APV Series Application Delivery Controller hardware and engineered for modern data center, cloud and virtual environments, AppVelocity server load balancing appliances boost application performance and speeds return-on-investment from the small enterprise to the large service provider.

AppVelocity Load Balancing Datasheet

Server Load Balancing Highlights & Benefits

  • Local and global server load balancing with multi-unit clustering for 99.999% application uptime and data center scalability
  • Advanced, application-fluent traffic management for optimized delivery of business critical applications and IP services
  • Offloading of Web and application servers for increased efficiency, capacity and return on investment
  • Integrated TCP connection multiplexing, high-speed HTTP processing, compression and caching for a 5X improvement in application performance
  • SSL acceleration for securing data in transit, offloading compute-intensive processes from servers and improving application performance
  • Reverse-proxy architecture with a stateful packet-inspection firewall for guarding applications without impacting performance
  • Application-specific certifications and configuration guides for rapid deployment of optimized configurations
  • IPv6/IPv4 dual stack support for addressing IPv4 depletion
  • High-performance 2048-bit SSL encryption for alignment with NIST and certificate authority security requirements
  • VMware vCenter integration for intelligent command and control of virtualized application infrastructure including dynamic resource allocation and deallocation
  • Extensible XML-RPC for integration with proprietary and 3rd party data center management and monitoring products
  • Familiar CLI and intuitive WebUI for ease of configuration and management
  • Available on all Array APV 600 Series Application Delivery Controller appliances