AppVelocity-S™ SSL Acceleration

Array AppVelocity-S SSL accelerators offload SSL encryption from servers to improve application performance and reduce the number of servers required to support ecommerce and high volume secure transaction processing.

Powered by Array SpeedCore™ and available for Array’s APV Series Application Delivery Controllers hardware, AppVelocity-S SSL acceleration appliances combine high-performance SSL acceleration with server load balancing and application acceleration to create a traffic management solution ideal for ecommerce environments and applications requiring a high-degree of secure connectivity.

AppVelocity-S SSL Accelerator Datasheet

SSL Acceleration Highlights & Benefits

  • High-performance SSL accelerators for securing data in transit, offloading compute-intensive processes from servers and improving application performance
  • Hardware-based 1024 and 2048-bit SSL encryption for alignment with NIST and certificate authority security requirements
  • Industry-leading SSL client certificate management, authentication and authorization and application integration
  • Full-function SSL proxy capable of acting as SSL server and SSL client
  • Local traffic management, global server load balancing and clustering for 99.999% application uptime and data center scalability
  • Application acceleration including transparent SSL acceleration, TCP multiplexing, high-speed HTTP processing, adaptive compression and dynamic caching for a 5X improvement in application performance
  • Data center modernization features including IPv6 support, virtualization integration and application-specific certifications and templates for rapid deployment of optimized configurations
  • Reverse-proxy architecture with a stateful packet-inspection firewall for guarding applications without impacting performance
  • Extensible XML-RPC for integration with proprietary and 3rd party data center management and monitoring products
  • Familiar CLI and intuitive WebUI for ease of configuration and management
  • Available on all Array APV 600 Series Application Delivery Controller appliances