APV 9650 Application Delivery Controller

The Array Networks APV9650 is the world’s highest performing application delivery controller appliance, capable of 60Gbps throughput and 20 million concurrent connections on a single 2RU system.

Powered by Array SpeedCore™, the APV9650 leverages state-of-the-art multi-core processing, hardware acceleration, energy-efficient components and 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to increase application availability, performance and security while decreasing cost and complexity in the data center. Able to simultaneously sustain industry-leading performance for traffic management, security and acceleration in global enterprise and service provider environments, the APV9650 delivers feature-functionality and economies-of-scale ideal for data center modernization, virtualization, cloud services and emerging IP data services.

APV 9650 Datasheet

Highlights & Benefits

  • Optimized multi-processor, multi-core, parallel architecture supporting 60Gbps throughput and 20 million concurrent connections
  • Highest performing application delivery controller appliance on the market, ideal for global enterprises, service providers and private and public clouds
  • Simultaneously supports Array AppVelocity load balancing and acceleration, AppVelocity-S SSL acceleration and NetVelocity link load balancing products
  • Integrates local, link and global load balancing, SSL acceleration, caching, TCP multiplexing, compression, IPv6, virtualization integration and a stateful packet inspection firewall
  • 99.999% application availability, over 5X application acceleration and multi-layer application security
  • Industry-leading hardware SSL for offloading 1024 and 2048-bit encryption from servers
  • Hardware-accelerated adaptive compression for bandwidth and application optimization
  • RAM-based in-memory caching
  • Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet over copper, SFP fiber and SFP+ fiber
  • Compact 2RU appliance that consumes 35% less energy than alternative products for data center environments where space and power are at a premium
  • Redundant power for business-critical application environments requiring 24/7 application uptime
  • N+1 clustering to 32 appliances for redundancy and industry-leading on-demand scalability
  • Common SpeedCore™ platform for unified management and plug-and-play platform upgrades