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Array’s DesktopDirect remote desktop solutions are transforming the way businesses think about remote and mobile access by rapidly and cost-effectively enabling full application availability to any device anywhere without the risk of data leakage.

Mobile devices and mobile working are driving major changes in the enterprise. More users must be able to work from anywhere and more users want to use tablets and smart phones as business productivity tools. The challenge for businesses lies in finding an approach that provides full application availability from remote devices, tablets and smart phones, while making sure that sensitive data never leaves the corporate network.

DesktopDirect addresses challenges faced by enterprise organizations in the areas of tablet access, remote access, productivity and business continuity. DesktopDirect is an on-premises remote desktop solution, capable of extending
physical and virtual office desktops to any user on any device anywhere. Moreover, DesktopDirect is fully secure and delivers unmatched ROI as compared to alternative remote and mobile access solutions.

Tablet Access & Bring Your Own Device (BYOD):

  • Zero data leakage because “data never leaves the network”
  • Access to physical and virtual office desktops from iPhone, iPad and Android devices for full application availability
  • Enable BYOD that provides freedom of choice in a secure mannerwhile minimizing the cost of mobile device management (MDM)

Reduce the Cost, Complexity & Risk of VPNs:

  • The expense of VPN hardware and licenses, laptops, security software, bandwidth and training does not scale cost-effectively
  • Every laptop with sensitive data is a security risk and every VPN connection creates an attack vector to the corporate network
  • DesktopDirect is not a VPN; it is a fully secure and cost-effective remote desktop solution that is a better choice for many users

Increase Worker Productivity Enterprise-Wide:

  • Securely and cost effectively enable the majority of office workers to be productive before and after work and on weekends
  • Guard against productivity and revenue losses caused by unanticipated occurrences such as a sick child, deliveries, repairs and car trouble
  • Address the need for next-gen remote and mobile access from a common platform

Mitigate the Impact of Business Disruptions:

  • Scales to support over 10,000 concurrent users on a single system with zero IT intervention
  • Ensures compliance is maintained during business continuity events and provides a seamless experience for first-time business continuity users
  • Contingency license certificates cost-effectively address burst business continuity usage

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