Delivering Government Network Flexibility, Reliability and Speed

AscenVision works with government to establish network infrastructure for achieving constant network availability and improved quality of service.

IN THIS INFORMATION AGE, NETWORKING enables people from all over the world to seamlessly communicate with each other from anywhere at anytime. Networking is used everywhere to improve productivity and business performance.Government institutions also take advantage of networking to establish an electronic platform for more convenient and intensive interactions with the public as well as for better communication among departments. The availability and reliability of the government network, therefore, are significant for ensuring the quality of municipal online services. To avoid contingent service downtime, organisations often times deploy multiple WAN links. Lack of fault tolerance mechanism and bandwidth management, however, delays service response time and severely degrades performance of mission critical applications such as instant messaging, voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing, web site, email, and so on.

Reliable network infrastructure of the country is also important to the stability, efficiency, and innovation of the e-government works dealing with transportation, communication, education, commerce, national security, medical care, disaster recovery, etc. AscenVision understands that users will have great demands on network reliability, speed, and quality of service in this information age as well as in the future.

In Asia, AscenVision has successfully helped many government institutions optimise their network infrastructure and boost application performance. AscenLink, the intelligent WAN optimisation solution, enables these govemment institutions to achieve load balanced and fault tolerant networks for non-stop and accelerated services and maximum use of network resources at an unparalleled price.

AscenFlow, the intelligent traffic manager, not only ensures the performance of mission critical applications, but also enables the MIS personnel to have comprehensive understanding of network conditions for more efficient and effectivenetworkadministrationandmanagement in the future. The combination of AscenLink and AscenFlow can provide government institutions with cost-effective and integrated total WAN traffic management solutions.


Beijing attracts worldwide attention due to the coining 2008 Olympic Games and is building the fastest, the most reliable, and the most integrated infrastructure to become a world-class city – and AscenVision’s AscenLink and AscenFlow in information centres will provide total WAN management solutions in many of the city’s 18 municipal districts, providing reliable, high-speed, and uninterrupted network services and ensure optimal performance of a variety of applications.

In Taiwan, AscenLink helps the Ministry of the Interior solve many difficult network problems to accomplish an intelligent inbound and outbound load balancing and fault tolerant network infrastructure by aggregating multiple WAN links for maximum bandwidth use. Each department is automatically directed to the most efficient WAN link for improved productivity. Furthermore, the WAN link health detection mechanism can monitor the health of each WAN link in real-time. If an abnormal link is detected, AscenLink can transparently redirect the traffic to the available ones for constant service availability and reliability.

In Singapore, the nationwide Wireless@SG project chose AscenLink to achieve ISP redundancy, strengthening the backhaul infrastructure of such a wireless network across the whole country.

China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television depends heavily on the internet to perform daily business operations such as VoIP, video conferencing, web site, email and so on. Deploying additional WAN links cannot ensure reliable performance of the mission critical applications. AscenFlow, the intelligent traffic manager, can effectively identify and manage a variety of applications to dramatically enhance the quality of network services. With AscenFlow’s accurate identification and effective control of L7 applications, the organisation can guarantee and reserve sufficient bandwidth for mission critical applications and effectively curb recreational traffic such as P2P, MSN, and so on for improved productivity and efficiency.

Moreover, AscenFlow can also limit the maximum bandwidth consumed by less critical applications and save the bandwidth for more critical applications for optimal application performance. Furthermore, real-time monitoring, analysing, and comprehensive reporting system can help the organisation offload network administration and management work while strengthening network security and reducing total cost of ownership.

Networking has changed the way that people live, work, and entertain. A few years ago, businesses couldgreatly improve productivity and gain an advantage over others by computerising business operations and going online. Now that networking has become pervasive, companies are at the same starting line again. Governments and organisations should understand that a resilient, reliable, and fast network infrastructure is essential to get them on the leading edge.

At AscenVision, we will continue to provide reliable, innovative, effective, and cost-effective WAN traffic management solutions to help govemment institutions achieve optimal network infrastructure for maximum performance and trustworthy government image.

This article appeared in Public Sector Technology & Management Magazine, Vol.4 No.5, September-October 2007. Public Sector Technology & Management Magazine is a publication of Alphabet Media Pte Ltd.