DesktopDirect™ Remote Access for Productivity

Advantages of Remote Access

By providing a remote access option for all employees, businesses can gain a competitive advantage by mitigating business disruptions, completing work on time, making better decisions more often and strengthening customer loyalty. Increases in the speed of decision making are directly related to the prevalence of remote access within an organization.

Enterprise Classification Employees with Remote Access Increase in Speed of Decision Making
Best-in-Class (Top 20%) 88% 18%
Average (Middle 50%) 44% 15.7%
Laggards (Bottom 30%) 10% 5.7%

What’s more the ability to rapidly respond to customers and partners can have a very real impact on customer loyalty and revenues. For a company with $15 million in annual revenue and 120 customers, losing a single account due poor customer satisfaction can result in a loss of $125,000 per year

Total Number of Customers 20 60 120
Total Annual Revenue $500,000 $5,000,000 $15,000,000
Average Annual Revenue Loss per Customer $25,000 $83,333 $125,000

Large-Scale Remote Access & Mobility

More remote working means more remote access infrastructure, and although remote access can drive productivity for almost any worker, there exists a challenge for IT. Up to 80% of employees in larger companies work 9-to-5 in the office and are not a good fit for traditional laptop and VPN type solutions.

Concurrent Users 25 100 1000
VPN + 1 Year Support $1000 $5000 $50,000
Hidden VPN Costs $28,500 $102,500 $1,025,000
Year 1 Cost of VPN Ownership $29,500 $107,500 $1,075,000

Scaling VPN solutions requires that each VPN user has a corporate laptop — in some cases, employees may already have laptops, and in other cases it requires issuing and supporting new laptops. In both cases, scaling VPNs requires purchasing and deploying data leakage prevention software, buying more bandwidth and providing training for users to learn how to navigate and use VPN-enabled applications and resources, the cost of which can easily exceed a company’s IT budget. In short, the cost of scaling VPN deployments is often much more than price of VPN gateways and user licenses:

DesktopDirect Remote Access for Productivity

DesktopDirect is the ideal solution for tackling these challenges. With DesktopDirect, workers gain anytime, anywhere access to their office computers that requires minimal training. DesktopDirect’s “click-and-work” interface allows users to intuitively log into their office laptop or desktop PCs and benefit from the familiarity of their personalized workspace. Icons are exactly where users left them and all applications necessary for productivity are already installed, eliminating the need for IT to purchase, install and support additional applications.

DesktopDirect’s hardware architecture, low bandwidth consumption and power management capabilities make it the ideal on-demand remote access solution — IT can scale to thousands of unique users on a single platform while avoiding the costs of additional components necessary to scale VPNs such as security, bandwidth and training. In addition, built-in power management allows users to turn on their office computers remotely, ensuring true anytime, anywhere access that simultaneously reduces energy costs for the enterprise.