DesktopDirect™ Remote Desktop Access

DesktopDirect is an innovative, remote desktop access solution. Unlike VPNs, DesktopDirect enables employees to get to their office computers from any remote location — whether they are at their home office, a customer or partner site, a public Internet kiosk or even on an iPhone, iPad or Android device. DesktopDirect uniquely leverages proven and scalable technologies to deliver the industry’s most secure and cost-effective solution for remote desktop access and control.

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Simple, Secure Access to Office Desktops

In order to boost productivity and mitigate the effects of business disruptions, office employees need a way to work remotely. DesktopDirect is an appliance-based remote desktop access solution that enables workers with an office PC to be productive from any location on any device with full security. Office workers get a full view into their physical or virtual desktops, resulting in immediate productivity without the need to add them to the VPN user base or issue additional laptops.

  • Data Never Leaves the Network Users control office PCs using remote devices secured by DesktopDirect end point controls, eliminating the potential for data leakage
  • Full Application Availability Leverages and extends the existing application and security environment on office PCs to maximize productivity at minimal cost
  • Simple to Deploy, Easy to Use Allows users to self-register office desktops and utilize single sign-on to access desktops from a URL or mobile application