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Superior Coverage and User Experience
The FWC 2000 is an integral part of the Firetide Wi-Fi access solution, which includes HotPoint® access point, HotClient™ customer premises equipment, HotView Pro network management software and Firetide Mobility Controller for client and infrastructure mobility. The FWC 2000 brings in support for 802.11n standard and offers management of up to 150 access points. Building on its extensive experience with wireless mesh backhaul, where bandwidth is precious, Firetide designed its access solution to distribute intelligence at the edge, resulting in superior coverage and user experience with only a minimal amount of bandwidth taken up by critical control traffic to the centralized WLAN Controller.

Flexibility of Deployments
The FWC 2000 supports automatic discovery and provisioning of access points on the network, which allows it to discover access points automatically across VLANs and subnets. It enables an administrator to provision wireless networks offline and then push the configuration changes to access points upon discovery. Once deployed, the FWC 2000 can display a coverage heat map for AP by band, channel and signal strength enabling an administrator to monitor any change in coverage.

Firetide FWC 2000 supports all industry standard security protocols including MAC-ACL, WPA/WPA2, 802.11X and RADIUS. It supports configuration of 64 different security and configuration profiles of the network. It also features on/off remote capability, which enables absolute security during non-business hours. The FWC 2000 support wireless intrusion detection features such as Enhanced Rogue AP detection. It prevents bandwidth abuse by allowing administrator to program bandwidth limits on a per configuration basis. Abuse can be located by pinpointing the misbehaving AP.

Automatic RF Management
Firetide FWC 2000 features automatic AP transmit power and channel assignment to ensure adequate coverage and minimize interference. The WLAN will automatically heal after loss of an AP or RF interference through power adjustments on APs nearby. FWC 2000 ensures that clients are load balanced across the network based on the number of clients per AP. A limit for maximum bandwidth utilization per AP is also featured, as is a signal strength threshold/data rate threshold for clients on the BSS.

Fast Roaming
FWC 2000 supports seamless rapid mobility across VLAN and subnets including 802.11i pre-auth and fast roaming. The roaming support is across L2, L3 for video, Audio and voice over wireless client.

Management Interfaces
Firetide FWC 2000 can be managed through an intuitive web browser UI, with support for IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome with SSL encryption. The FWC 2000 has support for SNMP v2c, v3 and SNMP MIB-II, with traps and proprietary configuration MIBs. Optionally, an administrator can use the Command Line Interface (CLI) with SSH encryption for management.

Guest Access with captive portal
The FWC 2000 provides two ways to allow guest access into the network; user/password based guest access or free email address based guest access. It also supports extraction of logs of guest activity.