The exponential growth of the Internet and increasing business dependency on WAN connectivity drives the need for cost-effective WAN traffic management. This is particularly true for business-critical applications which are demanding either more bandwidth or better network quality of service (QoS) management to achieve maximum business process performance and value within the organization. Optimizing your network requires careful real-time and trend analysis of network traffic. LinkReport enhances AscenLink’s statistical reporting and performs further analysis and long-term storage of traffic data.

LinkReport is a powerful software tool for analyzing and reporting WAN connectivity performance. It is closely integrated with AscenLink to provide two types of analytical reports, depending on the administrator’s requirements:

  • Daily Analysis (bandwidth utilization/ bandwidth statistics)
  • Advanced Analysis of performance by
    • group categories
    • services
    • source IP addresses
    • destination IP addresses
    • WAN links
    • Time-of-Day

Reporting periods can be scheduled on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, at the choice of the administrator.

Product Features

  • Intuitive and User-Friendly UI
  • Daily analysis of AscenLink status (including lost connections, service disruption and bandwidth statistics)
  • Provides ‘Top N’ analysis of bandwidth usage (by the categories mentioned above)
  • Effective management of your WAN resources.
  • Scheduled reports on a month/week/daily basis to ensure effective analysis and management
  • Provides regular automated reports via email interested parties
  • Save statistical reports in multiple formats (.doc, .rtf, .csv, or .xml) for presentation or further reporting

Product Reports

  • General statistics for bandwidth, WAN reliability and connection limit
  • General statistics for hardware
  • Top N statistics for bandwidth resources
  • Top N statistics for services
  • Top N statistics for classes
  • Top N statistics for source IP addresses
  • Top N statistics for destination IP addresses
  • Top N statistics for WAN links
  • Top N statistics for time
  • Query for service utilization
  • Query for host utilization
  • Statistics for outbound and inbound traffic
  • Statistics for a specific time period, or on an hourly/daily/monthly basis
  • Statistics of failure for different WAN links
  • Statistics on bandwidth usage for different WAN links
  • Statistical analysis on firewall status
  • Statistical analysis on virtual server’s access status
  • Statistical analysis on connection limit status
  • Statistical analysis on multiple IP status
  • Statistical analysis on tunnel routing status
  • Support for multiple users with varying access control
  • Provides regular monthly/weekly/daily reports for MIS personnel
  • Intuitive UI with multi-language support