NetVelocity™ Link Load Balancing

NetVelocity link load balancers with advanced failover and bandwidth management optimize the availability, security and performance of enterprise applications and IP data services across multiple WAN connections.

Powered by Array SpeedCore™, NetVelocity link load balancing appliances intelligently analyze wide area connections to allocate bandwidth, assign priority and enable seamless failover for business-critical applications. Available for Array’s APV Series Application Delivery Controllers and engineered for the modern data center, NetVelocity link load balancing guarantees uptime and service level agreements, improves the end-user experience and reduces bandwidth costs and data center complexity.

NetVelocity Link Load Balancer Datasheet

Link Load Balancing Highlights & Benefits

  • Delivers enterprise and service provider-class reliability and availability for applications, IP data services, Web sites and VPNs across multiple WAN connections
  • Intelligent policy-based routing directs traffic over optimal WAN links and ISPs for the highest quality end-user experience
  • Real-time monitoring of WAN links and connections for health, performance and utilization
  • Efficiently utilizes WAN bandwidth leveraging advanced techniques including bandwidth management, compression and rate shaping
  • Integrated acceleration, optimization and server offload for boosting application performance
  • Minimizes bandwidth costs and maximizes connectivity by aggregating multiple low cost links
  • Global server load balancing with multi-unit clustering for 99.999% uptime and guaranteed SLAs for business-critical applications
  • Hardened OS and reverse-proxy architecture with a stateful packet inspection firewall for guarding networks, applications and data without impacting performance and availability
  • IPv6/IPv4 dual stack support for addressing IPv4 depletion
  • Extensible XML-RPC for integration with proprietary and 3rd party data center management and monitoring products
  • Familiar CLI and intuitive WebUI for ease of configuration and management
  • Available on all APV 600 Series Application Delivery Controller appliances