Ohanae Privacy & Identity Protection

Ohanae ensures users that their logins cannot be guessed, phished, or stolen. Users only need to remember one passphrase of their choice, type ** at the password field to log in to any websites or popular client-side applications, and type *+ to generate strong passwords uniquely for each account.

Ohanae protects sessions seven ways: by generating strong password on-the-fly, by intercepting then neutralizing both phishing and key logging attacks; by encrypting the working sessions, then deploying its dynamic endpoint sanitization system to rigorously monitor all live user interactions and to continually protect the operating environment. The system then scrubs all session footprints after the session is ended. All files saved in the secure drive on the user device are strongly encrypted to AES256.

Quick Facts :

  • Ensures users that their logins cannot be guessed, phished, or stolen.
  • Users only need to remember one passphrase of their choice.
  • Type ** to sign in to any websites or popular client applications.
  • Type *+ to generate strong passwords uniquely for each account.
  • Passphrase is not stored on the device.
  • Passwords are not stored on the device.
  • Passphrase and Passwords are not subject to key logging attack.
  • Passwords are not subject to phishing attack.
  • Ohanae OpenID is not subject to man-in-the-browser and man-in-the-middle attack.
  • Leaves no traces on endpoint upon exit.
  • Protects sensitive data without the reliance on device level encryption.
  • Windows 7 | Vista | XP, OS X* | iOS*, Android*.
  • USB mass storage support.
  • * available in 2012.


Anti Key Logging
Ohanae ID comes with a powerful anti-keylogger that confounds all attempts to keylog your keystrokes to capture your password and defeat screenlogger. The anti-keylogger runs when you start Ohanae and continues working until you exit.

Portable Bookmark
Ohanae saves your bookmarks in Internet Explorer on your USB mass storage device, so you can access your favorite sites from any PC. Our Portable Bookmarks provide additional security against phishing sites.

Secure Sign-on
Log in to multiple sites with one easy-to-remember keystroke – **. You don’t have to remember different passwords for different sites. Ohanae generates strong passwords based on our proprietary technology. Passwords can not be guessed, phished, nor stolen.

Your passwords are safe with Ohanae!

Anti Phising
Ohanae works with the Google Safe Browsing API and Phishtank to alert you and block access to known phishing sites.

Data Sanitization
Ohanae removes all traces of your on-line transaction at the end of your session. It uses military-grade (DOD 5220.20-M) data sanitization algorithm to remove all session data, history files, cookies, etc.

Data Protection
Ohanae protects your confidential data. It creates a hidden volume on your laptop or USB mass storage device, and all data you save here is fully encrypted. The volume and data can only be accessed when you enter a correct passphrase.

Online Revocation
Lost your Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop or USB mass storage device with Ohanae in it? No problem, just deactivate your device so no one else can use it. You will receive an email notification from Ohanae that your device has been deactivated. You can then reinstall Ohanae ID on your new device.

Our online revocation service will help you to continue using Ohanae for years to come.