Presence Analytics – FortiPresence

Ratio-new-versus-repeatThe FortiPresence Wireless Retail Analytics solution provides the tools brick-and-mortar retailers need to better understand and influence consumer shopping behavior. Leveraging the existing in-store WiFi infrastructure, Fortinet’s Presence Analytics solution delivers more than just location based analytics. The unique combination of statistical analytics with a sophisticated customer engagement engine, including Social WiFi capability, enables retailers to influence customers purchasing decisions to attract new customers and increase the basket size of existing customers.


Find out more about how Fortinet helps retail organizations in the Presence Analytics Solution Brief and how Bobbejaanland Family Park is using Presence Analytics to increase profitability.




  • Presence and Positioning Analytics
    – Real time location metrics and trending
    – Total visitor traffic
    – Dwell time duration
    – A/B comparison across stores
    – Heat Maps with animated flows
  • Customer Engagement Tools
    – Social WiFi
    – Conversion and bounce rate analytics
    – Visitor contact information
    – Wayfinding and related services
  • Influence Engine
    – Real-time targeted ads generation
    – Visibility into customer product searches
    – Digital signage integration
    – API for loyalty ap and, third party services

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