Singapore Celebrates 41st Birthday with AscenVision and Firetide

AscenVision Technology Inc, the leading provider of WAN traffic management solutions, collaborates with Singapore partner, iCell and D-Synergy to create a ubiquitous network environment

Taipei, Taiwan, August 21, 2006 — Singapore’s National Day Parade is a yearly extravaganza with more than 50,000 participants, 65,000 spectators and 6 months of organizing culminating in 4 hours of sound and colour. This year organizers faced the new fresh challenge of increased security issues from the recent concerns on terrorist threats. The security department decided to install additional security cameras to build a multimedia network, and provide a secure backhaul to headquarters, which called for enormous amount of LAN points.

The 33-year old National Stadium served the country well, but satisfies neither modern audiences nor compatibility to new technology connection. Finally, the organizer decided to go wireless.

The NDP WLAN coverage over 200 clients includes IP cameras, and VoIP phones. Besides, it requires high quality up and downloads such as video transmission between organizer’s headquarters that distance away to the stadium.

Local integrator iCELL Network, builder and operator of local hotspots, chose to deploy Firetide’s mesh network as a backhaul WLAN to accommodate the needs mentioned above. With its ease of deployment, Firetide Instant Mesh Networks is used to establish an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective infrastructure in just a few weeks.

To assure sufficient bandwidth and persistent connection, two 20Mbps Sintel’s fiber lines were deployed with an AscenLink, an intelligent WAN load balancer to provide load balancing of all traffic in and out of the stadium during the show, and at the same time maintaining absolute reliability of WAN connectivity. With both lines are functioning normally, AscenLink will load balance the traffic for optimal traffic response time as well as the overall line usage. In the event of abnormal connectivity on either of the lines, AscenLink will be able to detect such anomaly and activate the fail-over mechanism to route all traffic (in both directions) through the healthy line to maintain absolute reliability. AscenLink is also able to auto-detect the recovery of the abnormal line and adjust the auto-routing algorithm to re-take full advantage of all the healthy lines for maximum performance.

To ensure utmost reliability, the NDP network used 2*AscenLink AL680 to achieve High Availability and 30 hotspots mesh nodes, connect 50 access points, 40 cameras, 200 mobile laptops and PDAs, and Wi-Fi phones, and gain a continuous link between local and remote centers.

About AscenVision

AscenVision Technology is a leading network device and solution provider, with the corporate goal to ascend the network technologies with a vision to provide intelligent network solution to the mass market. By applying these technologies, AscenVision designs and builds highly reliable and efficient network devices as network infrastructure building blocks to improve network management, security, and performance.

“AscenVision specializes in WAN Optimization solutions. Singapore National Day event once again demonstrates the stability and performance of AscenLink.” Said Jacy Chang, Business Development Manager of AscenVision, “Since WAN load balancer plays a critical role in the NDP network to ensure absolute reliability for the Internet connectivity, the stability of the device itself is the utmost selection criteria from the event organizer.”

“The NDP project showcases the value of AscenLink in a large scale Wireless infrastructure deployment. We are continued to offer more similar wireless architecture with D-synergy and iCell in the regions of Singapore and Malaysia.”

About iCELL

iCELL is a home grown company and specializes in advanced integration work around its core competencies of WiFi and mesh, e-learning and popularization of web-space.

iCELL Network is Singapore’s only dedicated wireless ISP. With near 300 public hotspots, iCELL brings connectivity to road warriors, students and everybody else who wants to enjoy the exciting mobile cyber world.

iCELL also operates wireless networks in 60 local schools and has pioneered the concept of “learning everywhere, anytime.” With the nonstop wireless Internet connection, students can enjoy learning experiences in the classroom, on the street, at home etc. at anytime with the same account and ID.

Ken Chua, CEO of iCELL says: “NDP gave us the opportunity to show that large wireless network is a reliable and affordable alternative to cabling. Singapore is again in the forefront of implementing hi-tech at a practical level. In the months to come, iCELL will roll out more mesh and load balancing equipments to grow national pervasive WiFi network.”

About D-Synergy

D-Synergy is one of Singapore’s leading distributors in Internet Security, Network Infrastructural and Wireless solutions. Positioned as a value-added and engineering –driven distributor, D-Synergy involves intimately with its network partners to design, plan, deploy and support solutions that it sells. “We are very excited to provide our engineering resources, together with iCELL Network, to the National Day event,” said Doreen Sim, Managing Director of D-Synergy.

AscenVision and Firetide products are distributed in Singapore, Malaysia and ASEAN region by D-Synergy Tech Systems Pte Ltd.

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