Singapore Pioneers Nationwide Wireless Network with Firetide and iCELL

Firetide’s multi-service mesh networking solution to be used in the biggest mesh rollout in the Asia Pacific region to provide free Wi-Fi plus future advanced services to Singapore citizens and foreign visitors.

LOS GATOS, CA., & SINGAPORE, November 14, 2006 — Firetide Inc., a developer of wireless multi-service mesh technology, today announced that the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has awarded service provider and Firetide partner iCELL Network the contract to build the eastern portion of the island’s ambitious nationwide Wi-Fi initiative. The IDA’s initiative, called Wireless@SG, will provide free Wi-Fi access to all Singapore residents and visitors from overseas, and will be installed over the course of one year.“Although the initial goal is to provide basic free Wi-Fi Internet access, we are actually building a high-capacity wireless network that will be delivering even more services and applications in the future,” said Ken Chua, CEO of iCELL. “The Firetide mesh network and access points provide the convenience and flexibility of wireless with plenty of performance for more demanding applications such as high speed broadband access, voice over IP and voice over Wi-Fi, and live video surveillance.”

iCELL will also incorporate Firetide’s recently announced HotView Controller software that will enable high speed mobility throughout the Firetide/iCELL network. This capability allows mesh nodes operating in vehicles moving at high speeds such as police cars and ambulances, buses, and trains to remain connected to the network at all times. HotView Controller also enables a new class of mobile phones employing Wi-Fi technology, to roam freely through the network with continuous connectivity.

“This project demonstrates the government’s commitment to establish Singapore as both a world leader in communications technology and as a country dedicated to providing access to advanced technology for all of its citizens,” said Godfrey Chua, Research Manager for IDC. “The scope of the project in Singapore is huge and is, for example, much larger than the networks we are seeing being deployed in the United States. The substantial backing of the government is a key element and will be an important part of ensuring its success. It is also looking into the future, going beyond basic Wi-Fi access to include more up and coming applications such as mobile voice over IP and video.”

iCELL will use Firetide’s wireless mesh network technology to create a high-capacity wireless infrastructure for the thousands of new Firetide access points needed for the area. Firetide’s mesh network consists of small wireless network nodes that deliver network connectivity to locations where conventional network cabling is too difficult, invasive, or expensive to install. Firetide indoor and outdoor access points connected to this wireless mesh infrastructure will deliver iCELL’s Wi-Fi service to computers, PDAs, and mobile phones.

“We are pleased that Singapore has chosen our partner iCELL as well as Firetide for this massive undertaking, and we are committed to meeting the high expectations that will establish this country as a leader in advanced technology,” said Bo Larsson, CEO of Firetide. “The goals for the network are very forward thinking and we feel they are well aligned with our strategy to provide not just Wi-Fi, but true multi-service network infrastructures for video, voice and data.”

Wireless@SG was unveiled in October by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during an event celebrating 25 years of infocommunications in Singapore. The government is subsidizing the first $30 million of the estimated $100 million cost of the network to be built by iCELL and two other Internet service providers.

Firetide and iCELL Network are currently finalizing the network design which will initially include free 512 Kbps Wi-Fi access. This is the second major Singapore project for the two companies. Earlier this year, iCELL deployed a large temporary Firetide mesh network for video surveillance and Wi-Fi access for the Singapore National Day Parade at the National Stadium.

Details on nationwide Wireless@SG services will be provided to the public in December. Additional information from the Singapore government can be found at For more information about Firetide, visit For more information about iCELL, visit

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