SiteDirect Site-to-Site SSL VPN

Array SiteDirect is the world’s first site-to-site SSL VPN. SiteDirect goes beyond site-to-site connectivity offered by traditional IPSec solutions to provide granular application publishing and deployment simplification for secure, hassle-free connectivity.

SiteDirect with Array’s patented Extranet Resource Publishing is an exciting new technology focused on providing long-term VPN connectivity for partners, customers and other third-party access scenarios. SiteDirect site-to-site SSL VPN limits network exposure by enabling connectivity at the application level and masking network topologies at local and remote sites. Available for Array’s SPX Series Universal Access Controllers, SiteDirect combines the benefits of traditional site-to-site VPNs with the security and flexibility essential for Extranet connectivity.


Site-to-Site SSL VPN Highlights

  • Ideal for Extranet partner, supplier or customer connectivity, mergers and acquisitions and organizations with dynamic site-to-site access environments
  • White-list resource publishing of subnets, hosts and applications for access control and limited network exposure
  • Eliminates duplicate IP spaces, routing conflicts, firewall and NAT traversal issues and hides network topologies on both sides of connections
  • Site-to-site connectivity on demand for individual resources with any mix of established or dynamic connections
  • Hub and spoke or mesh deployments
  • Performance, encryption and network level connectivity equivalent to IPSec VPN
  • Rapid configuration of peers and resources via WebUI in a series of carefully designed and simple steps
  • Enables secure site-to-site and remote access VPN to be configured and implemented on a common architecture