StudentManager WLAN Monitoring & Reporting App

StudentManager from Aerohive Networks is a powerful WLAN monitoring and reporting system for school districts that use Aerohive HiveAPs for wireless access.

StudentManager includes Aerohive’s powerful network-based, client vendor-agnostic student monitoring and access control system, TeacherView, as well as a suite of features such as Student Information System integration, Lesson Planning, and CIO-level Reporting for classes, schools, and districts.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Powerful classroom monitoring and management for wireless clients without requiring any client-agent installation
Extensive Reporting
  • Centralized reporting for detailed classroom content all the way to district-level correlation
  • Includes historical resources access lists
‘Follow Me’ Functionality
  • Allows a teacher to remotely enable a student wireless device to follow a teacher-browsing experience
  • Requires no endpoint agent and supports all browser types
Lesson Planning
  • Teachers can pre-plan classes integrated with wireless access
  • Permits white listing URLs to limit classroom devices to specific HTTP resources during class time
Sophisticated Authentication
  • Integrated with Student Information Systems to quickly pull class, student, and teacher information
  • Teacher access is authenticated with RADIUS and can be integrated with Active Directory or other secure user store


Virtual Appliance Specifications

Host Platform Minimum Hardware:

  • Processor: Dual Core 2GHz or Better
  • Memory: 2GB dedicated to VM, at least 1GB dedicated to the host
  • Disk: Min. of 10GB dedicated to VM
  • VMware may impose additional requirements

Tested Virtualization Platforms

  • ESXi 4.0 or better
  • Player on CentOS
  • Player on Windows Vista