Wireless LAN Applications

Get More Out of Your Wireless LAN Network

Fortinet offers a range of network access applications to simplify the deployment, management and monitoring of your wireless LAN network, enabling you to deliver a better user experience, meet service levels, and get more value out of your network investments.


Fortinet Center

Provides an application platform for managing network-based applications, including pre-installed: Fortinet’s Network Manager, Spectrum Manager and Fortinet Connect. Fortinet Center is available as a pre-installed solution on a SA2000 system or can be downloaded as a VMWare application. Additionally, Fortinet Center applications may be launched for a 60 day trial period.

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Services Appliances

The Fortinet SA250 and SA2000 Services Appliances provide the hardware platform for Fortinet network access applications focused on WLAN management and security. The SA250 is designed for small enterprises, and the SA2000 is designed for medium to large enterprises.

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FortiPlanner is a graphical wireless LAN planning and post-deployment site survey utility that simplifies the planning and deployment of Fortinet wireless networks.

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FortiPresence enables retailers to leverage the in-store Wi-Fi to better understand and influence consumers’ shopping behavior.

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